Calle Semenario 4, 2B

In Granada we live in a two bedroom, one and a half bath apartment. We have a small kitchen and a livingroom/dining room combination. We live on the second floor. It is perfect for us for a year. The pictures below have been collected to give an idea of what our apartment is like. Please remember these were taken when we moved in in August 2003. There is a lot more stuff in the rooms. If you want to see a larger version of the picture just click on it.


This is the front door to our building. Nancy is standing the

window of our livingroom/dining room combination.


These are two views of our livingroom/dining room.


These are two images of our bedroom.

This is our entry hall from the livingroom.


This is our infamous kitchen. This is our more infamous oven.

This is our laundryroom. Only a washer. No dryer.

This is our half bath.