Castle Outing


Friends from School

During many of our trips back and forth to the doctors in Rota we have passed many interesting pueblos with very appealing castles. One day early in May 2004 we had an extra day on a rental car, so after school, we invited some friends (Saori, Rieko, and Masako) from school to join our adventure and take a look at castles in Teba and Antequerra. A great time was had by all. However true to form, it rained for the second half of our trip. We all got wet but nobody noticed.

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It was a long way to the top of the hill.  However we all made it. The view of Teba from the entrance to the castle on the top of the hill was great. However there was a tower that had been restored.
The views from the tower were incredible. We kind of liked the tower.  The views were great but it was too COLD! After the tower we explored the rubble some more.  Rieko liked this spot. We could not figure out what Masako was doing.
In Antequerra the castle was being restored. It was interesting to see how they rebuilt the wall to be sturdy but original looking. Yes it was really raining.  Nancy and I had a great time with the Mary Poppins crowd.
We got wet but the castle was really neat.  It was time to go.  Where was everybody???  Saori showed up but.... Then Masako showed! Rieko made it.  Where was Nancy?  As usual she was taking pictures.