Dia de la Cruz

Sunday, 2 May 2004

El Día de la Cruz is a holiday celebrated in Granada. It is actually May 3rd, but official activities begin at noon on the 2nd. Different non-profit organizations construct a cross, which is on display for the 24 hours. People go to the different plazas to see the crosses, drink beer, eat, dance Sevillanas and have fun.

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Setting up for the crowds behind the Catedral. Group of jóvenes playing the drums in Plaza Bib Rambla. Mounting a Cruz in Bib Rambla. Setting up in front of the Ayuntamiento (city hall).
Almost final product in front of the Ayuntamiento. Setting up the beer concession for the thirsty dancers. A lot of preliminary work must be done before a cross can be constructed. Una cruz with a rosary.  This display is completely protected from the weather by plastic.
Una cruz in Bib Rambla (¿Is that the Devil´s pitch fork showing?) A completed scene. Otra cruz. Some jóvenes with a paso they constructed.
Another scene with the architectural influnce of the Moors. Una joven with her cruz. Otro joven with his curz Otra joven with her cruz(note the apple & scissors)
Most of the displays are dedicated to the victims & survivors of March 11th. Apple with scissors & donations.  Donations to all the cruces are appreciated.  The scissors in the apple are to remind people that NOT to say "BUT".  You can say, "How pretty!"  You can't say, "How pretty, but..." One of the more elaborate displays with a fan in the background & typical dancing outfits. Otra cruz
Una guapa bailando en la Plaza Nueva.  Guy to the right is "palming" the beat for her. Rain does not stop everyone from dancing. A young couple out for a good time. ¡Niñas guapas!