Today we went out early. We saw the children's procession leave the church. We also bought some nice bells to ring as they went by. We also did some siteseeing with Clark and Lois.

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Lois & Nancy wait for the first Easter Sunday procession to leave from the Church of Santo Domingo.  Many buy the clay bells & ring them to encourage the children. This same Sunday morning procession is the shortest one of the week and it is a childrens' procession.  In this shot you can see that they almost lost control of the paso.  It was tipping over, but with good guidance, they recovered. An untiring view - part of the Alahambra. Clark & Lois at the entrance to one of the caves in the Sacramonte.
View inside a traditional cave home  Many people still live in caves here & in other areas of the Granada province. Lune, one of the artists of the Sacramonte.  Many black Aftican lived in this zone during the Moorish reign & a few remained after the Moors left.  Lune actually came here from Senegal. Typical Moorish arch in the Albaicin, the old Arab part of the city. El Burro de Carga.
Poster in window celebrating the 500th anniversary year of the death of Queen Isabel.  (Note the Granada) Más penitentes de detrás. Christ has risen paso stopping for a rest.  Costaleros resting underneath & the support crew checking on them. Close up of the flowers & wood carving of the paso, with a view of spectators looking on from their balcony.
Close up of another part of the paso.  More wood carving visible and one of the enclosed detailed silver candle holders. Young recruit of Semana Santa. nothing stops the Spanish from participating in Semana Santa (except rain). The nuns come out to watch the processions.