We learned from Sunday. We got up and tried to find the floats-"passos" before they're taken out for the processions. We were able to get some nice pictures that we would never have gotten. Also we were able to see two processions today. As I am sitting at the computer at 2350 Monday night, I can heard the music from the processions going by outside.

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This is the name of one of the organizations that put on the processions.  The passo for this group is decorated with hand carved wood.  It is still in progress. This is the float that is decorated with hand carved wood.  The whole float is being carved by a now 67 year old craftsman from Seviila.  This is a closeup of the passo figures. This is a sample of the work being done by the craftsman on the float.
These are the supports that rest on peoples necks as they carry the passo. Some passo's have many flowers on them.  They look good when they start.  However many times when you see them on the street they are wilted and dead. There are kids in all the processions and some do not end until 0200. The procession in which this penitent was walking was going to last 6 to 7 hours.  This was taken just after it started.
The all important book of rules that is a part of every procession. We found out that the first procession of each day is lead by these riders/horses.  We did not find out why. These processions take a long time as they seem to stand around and rest a lot. In the second procession we saw the penitents came in all sorts of colors.  I do not understand the colors.
The colors kept on coming. She is Spanish.  There is nothing else to say.  She is the epitome of a Spanish woman.  She is dripping her wax on the boy's wax ball.  At the end of Semana Santa the child with the largest wax ball gets a prize from the city. The virgen from our second procession. This was the team change before entering the Cathedral.  Only the best passo bearers get to take it into the Cathedral.  The white headgear is how they carry the weight of the passo.