Today our friends Clark and Lois arrived. We had not seen them for 17 or 18 years. We only saw one procession today.

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Un Nazareno drips candle wax for a young girl who is making a wax ball. Penitente with long candle. This is an example of a penitente calzado (in socks). Penitentes with "the book".
This in an example of a Penitente descalzado (barefoot). Typical Spanish señora wearing a mantilla and carrying a rosary in a  gloved hand. Another little girl working on her wax ball.  This gives the kids something to do while they are standing for HOURS waiting for the processions. It is amazing how these woman and stand, let alone walk for hours on some of these streets )this one happens to be one of the major streets in town so it has asphalt.  Notice also the lace gloves.
More penitentes. More penitentes in more colors. Another interesting part of the procession - ¡ Love the headpiece! What we have all been waiting for - the paso.  This one has costaleros underneath AND on the outside!