Today we started out to see all the passos before they exited the churches. We took some good pictures. There was on procession we wanted to see because it was the door to the church was so low that to get the passo out, the "costeleros", those who carry the passo, had to walk on all fours while carrying the passo. Unfortunately we did not get to see this happen because it started to rain and the procession was cancelled. All we got to see was the nose of the passo. See the last two pictures.

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A Cristo passo.  It never went out do to the rain. This is knocker that the passo leader uses to communicate with the casteleros who carry the passo. Another view of a knocker on an other passo. Another knocker.
It takes many candles for a procession.  This is a small prt. A passo and tis accessories. The passos had incredible art work.  This is a sample. More art work
Flowers ready to put on the passo. Where many of the candles go.  The basic frame of a passo.  There would be 4 rows of eight costeleros. I am squatting in the second row.
"Penitentes" gathering for the beginning of a procession. A forest of "penitentes". The reason the processions were cancelled. Only the nose of the passo came out.  The rain forced it back in.