Today we went out in the morning to see all the passos for today and tomorrow. We we got to see people putting the passos together. Today's pictures will show some completed passos in the churches and then some action photos of the the work putting them together.

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A virgen passo. A christ passo.  Up close of a virgen passo. An example of a sign we saw everywhere we went to see the passos.
A lot of the tools for the procession. Both passos ready to go. The name of the cofradia who let us in to see them putting their passo together. One of the boxes of flowers used to decorated the passos.
Flowers ready to put on the passo. Actually doing the job. Making sure that it stays in place and looks good. Nice blue flowers with the red
Notice the heater.  It was cold in the churches as they worked to put the bouquets together for the passos. Making sure all the details are correct. When the workers get it right. It took a lot of flowers.  This is an example of how many.