Toni and Helen came to visit in February 2004. We had a great time. We all laughed, saw many interesting things and generally had more fun than was allowed. Below are some picutres we (all of us) took while they were here. Rest your mouse pointer on the picture and see the magic comments. To see a larger version of the pictures just click on them.

Where does one find urchins like this???

A Fountain in Guejar Sierra.

Lost in the bushes in a little pueblo.

A Major street in Guejar Sierra.

This is not a tunnel but another street in Guejar Sierra.

More are like this than not!

The Camera Worked better this time.

The operator requires remedial training.

The standard fountain Picture in Guejar.

It is really a beautiful site.

Another crazed tourist with a camera in Spain

I thought there were laws against this type of activity.

The mountains and snow from Guejar Sierra.

Guejar is our favorite pueblo

Overlooking the Alhambra and Granada on the way to Sacromonte.

This is why people come to Granada.

My life was in danger the whole time they were together.

I aged a thousand years while they were here.

Too much fun was being had by all!!!!!

A BYOD in Granada Spain.

Which of the cave houses should we buy?

Nancy Never stops working.