During a trip to visit the doctors in Rota we meandered around the countryside between Granada and Rota. We found many different things.

The most frustrating was that we were to meet someone in La Corte, a small pueblo. We looked in the index of the map and found it. When we arrived we found that it was the wrong place. Further research lead us to two other small towns in the same map grid with the same name. Who would have known???

The pictures below reflect a prehistoric burial site and a nice pueblo with a great castle.

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By chance we ran into this site.  Nancy in one of the tombs. Next to another tomb but more importantly the wildflowers behind. One of Nancy's favorite pictures of wildflowers.
It is amazing what people 3000 to 5000 years ago did. The weather was not quite spring like even though it was May. On the backroads of the province of Malaga we saw this. This was the town we found.
The castle in Zahara looked great. From the town square we could see the church as well as the castle. The opposite direction was a nice lake. Do you think she escaped?
Maybe thought she could go up and go over the wall. Tom tried to save her but was caught and burned inthe magical fire place. She liked what she saw of the (her) kingdom. The town looked great.  Did she ever get out?  Check the next page.