Last Jaunts Around Granada

As time is running out, we decided to rent a car for a last attempt to see some of the sights we have been wanting to see this year.

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The castle at La Calahorra is only open on Wednesdays, but it is worth the trip. You never know what you'll run into on the back roads. They continued to watch as we drove out of sight. An evening of Flamenco under the stars.
Keeping the compas is an important part of Flamenco. One of the many cave homes (see chimney) around Gorafe. The road NOT taken (not with a brand new rental car). One of the MANY dolmenes (tomb of early Iberians ~ 3000 yrs. old)
View of Gorafe - many dolmenes on each side of the gorge. On of the most complete dolmenes that we saw around Gorafe (there were many we did not see also). Same dolmen from the side. Summer time - growing season!
Dolmen El Romeral - really cool inside - no fotos, but horizonal stones form a large circular chamber with another smaller one behind. Sunflowers still putting on a happy face, but... they know the end is near. Cemetary in Casabermeja, along the road down to Malaga.  One of the men we met in Antequera said it was great.
Tom, once again, excited about another cemetary - NOT!, but he is a good sport. Nancy getting comfortable on a tomb. All of Spain seems to be under construction - and not just for the living. Nancy told Tom the cementary would have a bathroom, as all good cemetaries do.