Kids' Visit October 2006


Lexi, Derek, Gusta, and Peter came to visit the first week of October 2006. There was general visiting and stuff. Sunday, October 1, Tom, Derek, and Peter went up to the hills to check things out and shoot a bunch of bullets. That same day a birthday dinner was held for Gusta (belated), Peter, and Lexi. The honorees and invited guests had a great time. The rest of the week was spent chatting, shopping, eating, shooting bullets and site seeing. Gusta and Peter went to a wedding in Central California mid week and Lexi and Derek returned to Missouri on Sunday.

Tom taking the boys to the hills

Peter working out the kinds on the SKS

Peter is getting it down.

Download this video and see Peter go.

A crowd gathered to honor the birthday people

Gusta and Peter were birthday celebrants.

Micky came to help celebrate Gusta and Peter's Bdays.

Derek helped Lexi celebrate her bday.

Tom and Derek spent the night in the hills. Where is the still????

Derek setting up the camp.

A view of the hills.

Visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Derek came too!!

A new species of marine mammal.

A good time was had by all!!!!