Grandpa's 75th Birthday

At the end of July 2003 the wife, children, and grandchildren of Thomas P. Anderson, Jr., got together to celebrate his 75th birthday. It was held in the Restaurant in downtown Springfield. Everyone showed up as there was also a "Anderson Family" reunion that weekend. Everybody had a great time at all the events of the weekend. This page covers only the party for TPA Jr.'s party.

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The reason we all got together The whole gang in one picture. Grandpa and Ann going through his birthday treasures. Jim, Emma, and Kris resolving the eternal question of what to eat.
Gusta and Peter; she is ready, he is still thinking. Mr. and Mrs Photogenic, Alexis and Derek. John Jr. and Jenna working on what to eat.  John contemplating a thorny family matter while Suzy, Georgia, and John Jr. wait for the enlightening words.
Tom and Nancy on their way to a year vacation.  No wonder they are smiling. Derek and Jenna.  Mr. Photogenic made sure that we got a picture of Jenna. Craig and  Betsy.  History tells us they were thinking about a new house.  Grandpa and his maturing sons.